Dr. Iman Almomani, SEL leader,

Under the supervision of Security Engineering Lab (SEL), the Cybersecurity club at the female side would like to announce NOVEMBER calendar


Three various workshops will be conducted as follows:

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Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Workshop

Cybersecurity Fundamentals workshop aims to provide the participants with the foundational knowledge they need about cybersecurity.
The workshop will cover the importance of cybersecurity and its framework main components. This includes the classification of security breaches, different types of security attacks, their impact and how to protect from them.

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Hacking Bootcamp Workshop

Hacking Bootcamp aims to increase the participants’ awareness about security.This Bootcamp will.
(1) Show the participants how it is easy to do attacks
(2) How it is easy to get valuable information from their tweets on Twitter, pictures on Instagram and other social media, and
(3) How they could make themselves easy targets to security hackers.
Also, this bootcamp will discuss serious security attacks, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop

The security awareness workshop aims to train none-technical users of potential cyber threats that put them at risk, and ways to mitigate them.
This session will help users recognize that human error plays a big part in security breaches, and will teach them the way to combat them.
Moreover, this session will ensure all users understand institutional security policies as well as their individual roles.

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