Summer Bootcamp

Securing IoT Devices: For Beginners

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As part of the SEL mission to motivate, educate and train a new generation of cybersecurity researchers and professionals to produce experts in cyber technologies and systems, the lab is planning to launch a Summer Bootcamp: Securing IoT devices for beginners. The camp will be held for three days from the time 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM.


Day 1 (Sun, 14 August 2022): Arduino IDE and Main components

  1. PWM + Passive Buzzer
  2. Photoresistor + Passive Buzzer

Day 2 (Mon, 15 August 2022): Main IoT sensors

  1. LM35 Temperature Sensor + 1602 LCD
  2. PIR Motion Sensor + 1602 LCD
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor + 1602 LCD

Day 3 (Tue, 16 August 2022): Motor Control for IoT Applications

  1. RFID + RGB LED + Stepper Motor
  2. Joystick Module + Servo Control


SEL Lab (Room 1-B08)
Building 105,
Prince Sultan University,
Prince Nasser Bin Farhan St, Salah Ad Din,


You can visit this link for registration.