Malware Analysis Essentials


The Security Engineering Lab conducted a three-day Training Course entitled “Malware Analysis Essentials” from January 29th, 2024 until January 31, 2024 targeted at PSU students and other participants interested in the field of malware analysis. This aligns with SEL's mission to motivate, educate and train a new generation of cybersecurity researchers and professionals to produce experts in cyber technologies and systems. The objective of this training workshop is to enable PSU students and other participants to learn new skills, give them hands-on experience, and help them practice different cybersecurity topics, mainly malware analysis

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Day 1 (Mon, 29 January 2024): Understanding Malware and Static Analysis

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Malware
  2. Module 2: Setting Up a Malware Analysis Environment
  3. Module 3: Static Analysis

Day 2 (Tue, 30 January 2023): Dynamic Analysis with Hands-On Experience

  1. Module 4: Dynamic Analysis
  2. Module 5: Hands-On Labs
  3. Module 6: Reporting and Documentation

Day 3 (Wed, 31 January 2023): Reverse Engineering and Recommendations

  1. Module 7: Bounce (Crack Software using Reverse Engineering)
  2. Module 8: Career Recommendations


SEL Lab (Room 1-B08)
Building 105,
Prince Sultan University,
Prince Nasser Bin Farhan St, Salah Ad Din,