As part of the SEL mission to motivate, educate and train a new generation of cybersecurity researchers and professionals to produce experts in cyber technologies and systems, we have launched the SEL Summer Campaign. Calls for participation in four cybersecurity-related projects were sent to the students. Many students showed interest in these projects to enrich their skills and utilize their summer break. The ideas of these projects, their leaders, and the students involved are listed below.

Dr. Iman Almomani, SEL leader


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IDS Android Application

The project aims to build an Android application to help users detect Ransomware apps before downloading them from the Google store using AI-powered algorithms.

Team Leader: Dr. Walid El-Shafai

Team Members:

  • Tala Almashat
  • Lina Albaroudi

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SEL Animated Videos

The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity by creating a series of animated videos. The videos will be customized to suit Saudi culture.

Team Leader: Eng. Aala Alkhayer

Team Members:

  • Raudad Mohammad
  • Mohammed Farawanah
  • Nouf Alaqeel
  • Rida Khan

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This project aims to develop ASParse V2 which is an extension and upgrade of the ASParse(V1) tool. The framework behind the tool is an automated static features extractor and parser for Android applications, which can be used later with any classifier for further analysis.

Team Leader: Eng. Muhannad Qasem

Team Members:

  • Abdulaziz Saad Alfahaid
  • Lamya Alyousef
  • Shahinaz Almuhanna

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Secure Software

The project aims to build specialized labs in order to perform different types of penetration testing in different contexts using virtual environments and real testbeds.

Team Leader: Mr. Abdulahad Kawaf

Team Members:

  • Saqib Ahmed
  • Bandar Alrasheed
  • Ibrahim Al-Humaidy