In cooperation with the Security Engineering Lab (SEL), CyberTalents Company hosted a one-day competition between PSU students on the 2nd of April 2020. CyberTalents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents across the globe according to their skills in different cyber security categories through Capture the Flag Contests in order to be hired by recruiters. They have hosted many CTFs competitions targeting participants ranging from university students to industry professionals in more than 15 countries. They will organize the coming Saudi National CTF competition.

Competition Objective

The objective of this competition was to enable PSU students to learn new skills, give them hands-on experience and help them practice different cybersecurity topics. The competition enabled our students to get familiar with the national CTF competition platform. Moreover, SEL team had the experience of launching and organizing CTF competitions.

Pre-CTF Training Session

An online training session was conducted by Mr. Ahmed Nosir on Mar 30th. The session aimed to provide the registered students all the answers they needed about Prince Sultan University CTF. It enabled them to know the required knowledge to solve many challenges in different fields. To assure the dissemination of the competition, an announcement has been sent via email to all PSU students.

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About the Competition

The competition was be open for PSU students. The registration was available online on Cyber Talents platform. Students were required to register an account then create a team. Once the competition started, students were able to login and view the challenges using the student name and password provided at registration, which was open before the competition. For every challenge solved, the team got a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The competition contained 8 challenges to be solved by the students. view all challenges

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In response to the call for participation, 38 students forming 19 teams were registered

view all regitered teams
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The top 3 teams are

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The SEL team would like to thank the high management for the valuable support and sponsorship of the PCU CTF Competition

SEL Team also expresses its deep appreciation to Cyber Talent team for providing the competition platform.