About the Dataset

The Android apps whether benign or ransomware that were used to build the balanced datasets or imbalanced datasets could be offered as follows:

  1. RansApp-DS: This dataset contains the hashes of 2959 ransomware applications. They are collected from different sources such as from Koodous , RansomProper project and VirusTotal.
  2. BenignApp-DS-1: This dataset includes samples of more than 672 recent benign applications downloaded from different categories in Google play store.
  3. BenignApp-DS-2: The APK files of benign samples were downloaded from Google Play Store from different categories as shown in Figure 1.
    Dataset Image
    Figure 1: Google Play categories


This dataset was created by the support of the Security Engineering Lab (SEL), Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia.

Dataset Access

Please send an application email to sel@psu.edu.sa stating the following,

  • The name of your research institution
  • The name of the person requesting access

Make sure to send your application from your university (or research institution) email account.